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"Form, Pattern, Texture" the title of my degree project at RISD, is a reference to the underlying elements of text on a page. There were multiple facets to explore within this vast topic, focused on the process of making letter forms and what effect they had on the page.

After continuously exploring the process of creating form; from sketchpad, to computer, to page (printer), the gain was not exquisite letter forms, but learning conceptual and formal boundaries and where to apply them for future use.

The result of my first sub-project was clunky. This was the first time I took a sketch, transferred it to the computer and fiddled with it in Robofont. Shown above are the wavy numbers made to be stacked and back slanted all within one font. With the simple flick of a key, patterns could be created.

Next, I explored calligraphy and how a calligrapher can achieve vertical line interaction. This facet is not often touched upon in type design. To achieve the desired affect I created high ascenders and descenders. The result achieved a clashing form of interaction between the vertical space between lines. In the future, one step would be to make a code/script that is able to stagger ascenders and descenders to create that desired calligraphic affect throughout a page.

The next two projects were Empire and Strokes. Each has a blog space on this website. Empire was made to be weaved for textiles, and Strokes observed how we create letters.

Lastly, I explored where else alphabets could live beyond the conventional page: In plexiglass cut outs, chip-board cut outs, pen-plotters, magnets, and even a dress. To tie it all together a final 150 pages were made to show the exploration of patterns and forms, and to see the affect of scale change.

There was a lot covered within this project, and what I saw and learned can be carried into the future. I am glad that I spent my final semester at RISD working on it. Thank you Jan Fairbairn for encouraging investigation and debate, and Tom Ockerse for listening to students and showing the class the great value of process.